A Look at Wireless Loudspeakers and How They Can Simplify Installations September 2, 2015

Installing audio equipment can be quite a hassle. That is especially true for loudspeaker installations. When you are setting up multiple speakers in an environment you will have to run lots of speaker wires. I’m going to look at utilizing wireless speakers instead of amplifiers for speaker installs. However, instead of using a central amplifier you could also work with distributed amplifiers. These distributed amplifiers would be fairly small and located next to each speaker. The advantage of using distributed amplifiers versus a central amplifier that if an amplifier breaks you can easily replace it. It also has the advantage that there is less chance of noise coupling into loudspeaker cables which could be a problem if the cable is fairly long. Another issue with loudspeaker installs is the fact that when they are long cable runs, the cable itself …

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Which Loudspeaker to Choose for a Particular Application September 1, 2015

This post is intended to offer some guidance when purchasing loudspeakers. Chances are you don’t know that much about speakers and what types are available in order to make an informed decision about what type of loudspeaker will fit your application. One way to solve this problem is for you to visit your local installer. You installer will probably have a pretty good idea which product would be good for you. However, keep in mind that an installer typically only carries a limited number of brands. Therefore, knowing yourself what speakers are available and which types of speakers are ideal can help you great deal because you have more choice. Also, not consulting an installer can save you some money.

new-generation wireless speakers

First of all, you have to figure out whether you would like to install regular speakers or wireless speakers. This …

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Purchasing a Suitable Computer August 31, 2015

I will offer some shopping advice for purchasing a computer. Buying a computer these days is not as obvious and easy as it used to be. In the good old days, you could just browse to a computer vendor and simply enter the components that you wanted and then the vendor would configure your system. There still some mail-order places out there especially some companies online which work using that business model. However, the majority of computers nowadays are fully integrated and you don’t really have a choice of configuring your system. Also, configuring your system yourself can be dangerous. That is because unless you know which components are compatible with one another, you can actually end up damaging one or several components by plugging them together.

You should keep in mind that instead of purchasing a classic desktop computer, …

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